Monday 5 February 2024

Poems About Avian Life: BIRDLORE, part #3, in progress

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(part #1)
American goldfinches
bird droppings
California scrub-jays
cattle egrets
cedar waxwings
dawn chorus
de-snooding (domestic turkeys)
eagles and eaglets
eastern towhees
house finches
red-tailed hawks
red-winged blackbirds

Tufted tit(mouse)
Turkey lovers 
Avian digestion (6 verses; a 'brief saga')
Domestic turkeys (3 verses; a 'brief saga')

Authors' Note: The tufted titmouse, Baeolophus bicolor, a small cute bird that inhabits the eastern part of North America is named for the crest of feathers on his head, and for old English words for "little bird". Other species of Baeopholus are found in North America, and there are related genera of songbirds known as "titmice" in Europe. The archaic suffix "-mouse" currently adds little to the description of this perky visitor, so he is often known simply as a "tufted tit".

Check out a brief video (live photo) of the tufted titmouse HERE


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