Saturday 25 January 2020

Submitted Palindromes: Intro to presenters, #1 -- Don's Ho

You have reached the "Submitted Palindromes" thread on the blog "Edifying Nonsense", a light literary entity that emanates through the blogosphere 5 times per month.

  On the 25th of each month you will find a slide-filling group of palindromic phrases submitted to the editors by a panel of 7 palindromists. These folks have all been working on this project since January 2020. Their profiles are indicated in panels published here at the start of things, and periodically (about every tenth 'issue', we ask them to provide (palindromically, of course) their views on one of the iconic items in the classic literature, starting with "A man, a plan, a canal -- Panama", and continuing with other well-known phrases, such as "Dennis sinned". Otherwise, their contribution will be grouped in random piles (a phrase that you might recognize as an anagram of the word p-a-l-i-n-d-r-o-m-e-s). 
  You will be able to find these back-and-forth enlightenments, as well as a lot of other stuff that appeals to word-nerds, in the contents listed by date in the right-hand column of the blog-page. By the way, the twentieth of each month will be devoted to a major article on wordplay, and the posts on the 5th, 10th and 15th to collections of terse and mirthful verse (limericks and "limerrhoids"), that are often targeted at wordplay.

   As a web-traveler, you might have landed here while roaming from a starting point on the blog "Daily Illustrated Nonsense", (a repository of verse, parody-song-lyrics and photos, as well as wordplay)If you wish to return, click the link. 

To help eager readers move back and forth, here are links to the profiles of each of our seven frequent (and usually dependable) contributors to our open request for submitted palindromes.
The editors feel that palindromes are inherently present in our language, so the presence of the less famous items is reported, discovered, or re-discovered by these writers, rather than being the "creation" of a particular word-artist. In other words you may have seen some of their offerings on other lists of palindromes, but that is no problem for us. 

(Don's Ho)  


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