Wednesday 5 October 2022

American Satire: PROLONGATION #1


This post provides a follow-up to 
"AMERICAN SATIRE (A Term of Endirement) #1(Note that this first collection of poems gives helpful suggestions on how to SING these intriguing lyrics.)
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CURRENT CONTENTS (prolongation, #1)
Coups in the news
Criminal lying
Deceit, Social
Espionage Act
(for continuation, see the link below)

Authors' Note:
In the United States, all documents and materials related to the conduct of business in the executive branch are deemed by law to remain the property of the federal government, particularly after a president and his staff leave office. The federal agency responsible for storing and archiving these documents is NARA (the National Archives and Records Administration).

Author's Note: FBIer is a term that is occasionally used to denote an employee of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. The search in question in the above verse was carried out by warrant after a federal judge had been persuaded that a crime hae been committed in the premises, in this case a south Florida golf-club. Apparently, as subsequently shown, negotiations for the return of the unlawfully sequestered documents had gone on for months, and a subpoena had been issued. (See, also, our verse 'Espionage Act')

"Pardon me. When is the next available tee-off time? And by the way, would you like to purchase online a mugshot enhanced souvenir?" 

We suspect that many readers have come to enjoy these newsworthy comments on the US political scene. So, at great effort and expense, we have prepared another collection of politically-tinged verses for you to enjoy. Click HERE!

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