Tuesday 17 January 2023

The frontier of poetry: PALINKUs (palindrome-enriched haiku verses) from the year 2022

A continuation of our previous posts summarizing the introductory phase of this new poetic concoction....
Go back to review palinkus from the year 2020 by clicking HERE, and the for the year 2021 by clicking HERE.

An additional point: Where do the original palindromes come from?
The majority are in the 'classic repertoire' of this constrained but nonsensical form of writing. The authors are proud to report that they have apparently concocted at least some of the remainder. 

The continually widening circle of Dennis's sins is indicated by the following recently discovered palindromes ...

Dennis and Ed, Nadine, Enid and Edna sinned. 
Dennis and Ed, Nadine, Eve, Enid and Edna sinned.
Dennis and Ed, Nadine, Eva, Dave, Enid and Edna sinned.
Dennis and Ed, Nadine, Eva, Dana, Ana, Dave, Enid and Edna sinned.

The enhanced second slide in the above pair shows the poetic content in the form of only two palindromic phrases -- these are both 'magical palindromes'; indeed they are lenthy , but they allow the synthesis of ideas that would not otherwise be possible with regular paindromes. You can get up to speed on this intriguing wordplay variation by clicking HERE.   


You can continue this astounding journey, exploring our new poetic form. Click below for yearly collections of posted palinkus (one each month)as available on this blog-site.
2020: haiku and the origin of the 'palinku'
2020: early palinkus, from August 2000
2024 -- pending.
(Alternatively, you could proceed to our related blog "Daily Illustrated Nonsense", where we have in a more casual manner, published these terse verses one-at-a-time, on the 17th day of each month. And while there, you might enjoy a few earlier postings involving poems in the more customary 'haiku' format.)

To resume daily titillations on our related blog "Daily Illustrated Nonsense", click HERE. Once you arrive, you can select your time frame of interest from the calendar-based listings in the righthand margin, and check the daily offerings for any month in the years 2020 to the present. (As of March 2024, there are over 1400 unique entries available on the Daily blog, and most of these are also presented here on "Edifying Nonsense" in topic-based collections.) The 'Daily' format also has the advantage of including some song-lyrics, videos and other material that are not shown here on this topic-based blog.

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